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Date-Picker Custom Calender

Hi I have calender like this in my design

Is that possible I can add this layout of calender in webflow, Please help me.


Search for date picket in the forum there’s a couple of posts you may want to read, like this one: JQuery Date Picker [BETTER SOLUTION]

In any case you’re going to need Javascript at the very least.

@vincent can you please let me know how can I import external javascripts in webflow, as I have to add date-picker.

If you want to reference an external file you will want to create the link to it in the head section of the website. You can find this on your sites dashboard under custome code.

If you are able to copy the js directly then you can either past the code into the head or before the end of the body tag useing the same method described above. Alternatuvely you can use the embed widget to insert html or javascript into you website.

Hope this helps

It’s all in the help section