Is it possible to inject content into static pages?

We currently inject content into dynamic content (aka CMS Collections) using Zapier, but is this in any way possible on a static page? I’d expect we give the rich text an id and then _________________ (filling in the blank).

In theory, is this possible? Has anyone managed to do something like this, perhaps using another solution.

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There is no access to pages via the API. So using RPA tools might be the only way to pull this off programmatically.

Thank you very much for this. I really appreciate it.

One work-around might be to create a CMS collection for “editable sections” on your static pages, containing a rich text field and a title, which could easily be updated through API.
Then you can simply use a collection list inside your static page(s), where you need to have content editable through API calls, and show only the relevant CMS item(s) you need there, by using the section title as a filter for example.

That way you can easily make parts of your “static” pages editable through API, by making only these sections dynamic :wink:

If your going to be rendering a lot of externally sourced data, I recommend using a JavaScript framework. I have been developing VueFlow(.)io which is a Vue wrapper for Webflow. Effectively it would let you create templates inside Webflow.

You could then use a no code api service to fetch the data.

It’s worth noting the data will not be indexed by search engines as it is fetched after the page loads!

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This is brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? There’s real potential with this solution. Thank you.

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Sounds cool. Re indexing, I thought that might be the case with a js solution. For us, this would be a critical requirement, but I appreciate your response. Thank you.

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