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Is it possible to drop a link to a tweet and have it appear as an actual tweet?

Is it possible to put a link to a tweet in a Collection and have the tweet display when published?

Here’s the tweet:

My Collection has “Post Body” set to “Rich Text.”

I’ve pasted a link into by “Post Body”:

Webflow-I-Heart-NoCode (2)

My published page shows the text of the link.

To get an actual tweet to appear, I’ve grabbed code from Twitter and am using the HTML embed option.

Is there a better way?

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Thinking that there was possibly an issue within my project, I created a blank project and am seeing the same behavior.

Here’s a read only link:

For anyone else who has this question, here’s the answer: Use the music icon option instead of an HTML embed.

Thanks to @pixelgeek for the answer!