Embed a tweet into a collection

I have created a news collection for different articles about events. Some will have a particular twitter post that relates to that specific article to be embedded - how do I add a field for this to a collection, so clients can just drop an embed code into it when required.

Day 2 of the #ICSSS2017. Theme of the day: cyber norms, hosted by Leiden University. Lecture by dr. Bibi van den Berg from @fggaleiden. pic.twitter.com/4oLIQSkclA

— #ICSSS18 (@Intl_CSSS) August 21, 2017

ah worked it out. Just embed link in rich text. Its early - i’m tired. :wink:

Oh, yes, thanks to Webflow supporting embed.ly i suppose. Here’s the list of all the supported providers, from which you’re supposed to be able to add a link in a RT and get a nicely designed snippet automatically: