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Is it possible to do this with Lottie?

I would like the 3D object to react to the entire area of mouse movement (both right and left, and up and down), not just to opposite movements (for example, from right to left or from bottom to top)

You have seen this on many interactive sites, when regardless of the cursor movement, the 3D object reacted. Here is an example:

Hi @Johnny82

Unfortunately lottie.js will not be enough for this sort of interaction. You could do a sort of variant of this with a 3D software (C4D, Maya etc…) and lottie.js. But could only animate 2 axis of the mouse.

The example you posted is using webgl with some sort of depth map.
Three.js is an interesting library for webgl renders, there’s even an online editor for scenes at .

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Are there any workarounds to use all the mouse axes? Or it is in any case an incomprehensible task, if do not resort to using three.js and other things?