Lottie animation on mouse click(s)

Hi all,

We’re looking to have a 360 degree Lottie animation of a building at the top of a page that interacts with mouse clicks.

On the left/right of the animation area will be arrows (similar to a slideshow), and when clicked the animation moves (rotates) part way e.g. 25%.

It’s simple enough to add the Lottie animation and interact with a mouse click, but how would we get that animation to interact with multiple clicks of each arrow, and each click moving the animation forwards/backwards a certain amount?

Essentially this is to allow us to describe certain parts of the building in a div underneath once the Lottie has rotated to that new part of the animation (so the first view would show the front of the building, and might describe the front door. clicking the right arrow moves the animation to the side of the house, at 25%, and the div underneath then describes the windows, clicking the right arrow again takes the animation to 50% and the div underneath describes the back of the building, and so on).

Hoping someone can assist - we’re so close with it!