Is it possible to create sub tabs on the tabs pane?


Is it possible to create sub tabs on a Tab menu? Like the one below:

What you are seeing is an accordion, not tabs. you can make one using interactions by following this tutorial

Another option is to use dropdown component. Its meant to be used for something like that.
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 13.35.29

Dropdown won’t push things down the way it looks like his example is doing but I might be wrong.

@DFink yep, the default won’t but you can set the Dropdown List inside to position: relative and it’ll behave like the image attached.

Edit: good point to bring up!

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I thought about the dropdown as well but when I try, it’s impossible to place it inside a Tab. :confused:


Would you guys know a work-around for it?

@panhan can you share a read only link? Im not too sire what youre going for except from what youve described.

YES! Forgot to share in the first place.
Here it is: Read Only Link

To explain it better, I’m moving a website from WP to Webflow and I need to get this here going.

Many many thanks!

Hey @panhan, what you’re going for may need some custom code. Basically using custom code to hide/show the Sub tabs.

Ah, I get it!
Just not sure how to accomplish it tho, haha!

Would you perhaps know something about the custom code?

Hey @panhan, I can help with the code, but can you add in the content first to the tab content first? You can structure it as such:
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 23.39.25


Parent Div
  - Child Div id=d-impacto
  - Child Div id=d-mais
  - Child Div id=d-mulheres
  - Child Div id=d-raizes
  - Child Div id=d-pro-bono

and so on.

Hey, @dennyhartanto! Sorry on the delay!

I wasn’t sure where to add the content, so I’ve created a new Div for each, under the Tab Content itself, with the proper Child ID as you mentioned.

(All the Body Content right after the last Text_Body)

Will this work?
Here’s the updated Read Only Link!

Many many thanks!

Yes! Can you share the published link so I test codes there.


Here it is!

Yikes I just realise you can’t add a dropdown element to a Tab. You might have to end up with a custom accordion after all. @DFink Have linked the tutorial before.

Edit: I missed this post, sorry.

Can you set that up?

You can use a unique class for D impacto like below.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 02.42.06 Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 02.42.09 Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 02.42.13