Is it possible to create a site that has user profiles with custom code?

I’m a little confused on how custom code interacts with webflow.

Is it possible to built something like a dating site or a social media website using custom code, webflow, and an external server?

or would the only way to be to build a prototype on webflow and export the html/css/js?


(still new to the whole webdev thing. I know webflow and i’m learning JS).

I have the same question! I am a novice developer, if someone can, please answer and explain, I will be grateful

I think you need something similar to a dating site software There are many ready-to-use applications you can buy today. And then you can modify it by adding additional features if you need. Alternatively, I have seen many examples of free codes online. They are offered for use free of charge. You can use these as a starting point.