Is it possible to build this natively in Webflow

is it possible to build this marquee natively in Webflow?

I managed to build it the way the second and the fourth columns work (counting from left), but I am struggling with how I reverse its movement like in the first column and the third column (counting from left).

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Hey Duby, you’d need to share your project readonly link.

I’m going to guess that by marquee, you are suggesting that the logo blogs should wrap in a circular fashion so that you get an infinite scroll?

Circular sliders are possible using tools like Swiper JS, and I think you can create this effect there fairly easily. You could even use the CMS to store your logos, and 4 collection lists to display groupings of them, to keep it dynamic.

If this won’t change often, another approach might be to create 4 tall images containing your 4 columns of logos. Then create 4 DIVs in your layout, and set the background image of each to the 4 columns.

Using custom CSS you can animate the backgrounds so that the position changes over time to create your scrolling effect. Here’s a demo I whipped up, but the card stack image was created by chatgpt, and it has gaps between the cards. Couldn’t get the prompt write to remove them.