Is CSS Grid overrated?

With all the publicity of CSS Grid I used to have high expectations. I was in suspense for a workflow which would allow me to produce pages times faster than the usual way. Yet I stumbled upon a lot of complications, at least the way Grid is set in Webflow. I decided to give it time. I tried to get into its logic. Alas, so far I have not found any miraculous advantage over Flexbox, except for some very special layouts, which are rarely the case anyway. Editing it, once created, has turned out to be cumbersome and so has responsiveness. What do you think? Am I missing something?

I personally stick with flex box unless something more than reverse order is necessary. Which is rare.

Yes, I think you are missing something. You really have to learn it like a language and be fluent in it. I would force yourself to build layouts with it for some fixed time (like 6 weeks) and make sure you’re using best practices, understanding fr, auto place, the proper responsive workflow, and then I think you’ll realize.

Also, even grid evangelists still use flexbox for 2d layout and alignment. It’s just that grid has become the parent and flexbox the child in terms of hierarchy.

You guys forgot to mention that CSS Grids don’t work on browsers before 2017.

Doesn’t seem like an issue at first, but when you know that on average, ipad users can keep their ipad for over 6 years before changing it (and not always being able to update)… or corporate visitors using Edge / IE or old firefox / chrome versions…

This is an issue with any new technology. I was referring to the question whether CSS Grid makes page creation more productive or not.

Ok. I that case, for me :
CSS grids does cut time necessary for some complex layouts that would take hours to configure with imbricated flexboxes. It’s the logic of how the component/feature works that takes time to figure out :slight_smile: