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Is client billing automatic and reoccuring?

I am strongly considering leaving this service as it’s now made me look to my clients like I don’t know what I’m doing on numerous occasions.

I asked a bunch of questions to support after receiving zero notifications that my client’s hosting was about to expire (his site has only been up for a month), and believing that the billing account he set up would reoccur automatically because who doesn’t use auto pay anymore especially for something that’s under 25.00 a month and when there’s no yearly payment option??

And I got a pretty limited and unhelpful response:

On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 4:06 PM PDT, Dahni wrote:


I need to know more about how client billing works… my
client’s site was just taken offline without warning. Once they enter
their credit card info it’s automatically charged monthly right?

Does the client receive email notifications that his
hosting is about to expire? Can I also receive these notifications so
that I can warn clients if their accounts are about to expire?

Maybe they just went to his spam folder but since I don’t know how it works I just sent him the payment link again…



Webflow Priority Support 5:14 PM (16 hours ago)to me

Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile: Yes, you and
your client should have been receiving emails stating that you both
have a past due invoice.

To get the site back online, just add-on the hosting subscription back to the site.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


I’m supposed to send him invoices every month for hosting and he’s supposed to enter his card info every month??? Well I don’t know because that person didn’t offer effective support.


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