Is AI already rendering web designers/developers as obsolete?

This is a question that came to me in a rather round about way. I was perusing the forums looking for an answer to an issue I came across while building a site. While doing this, I noticed that there seems to be considerably less activity on the forum compared to years past. This is actually something I’ve noticed on other forums dedicated to similar or related subjects (other web design platforms, programming/coding forums, etc.) and it got me thinking. Is this decline I am noticing related to the increase in the use of generative AI to do all these jobs that are internet based? Are people dropping out because they realized their jobs are targets for tasks that AI can do in mere seconds? Is AI already noticeably affecting these job sectors?

Probably not. GAI does not produce accurate answers all the time but there is also the fact that Webflow has invested tons of resources into quality content in the University that people can use to learn how to achieve their goals. Plus there are many posted topics here that address 95% or more of the common questions asked already.

My take on this is that while GAI can be very helpful in many cases you still have to understand what the problem is and guide it to quality answers. If you don’t understand business and marketing fundamentals your value is very limited. I look for people whom can solve problems, not fill in the blanks or just copy template elements and call themselves “web designers/developers”.

Certainly in content production, stock photography, graphic design and basic web work. If you don’t offer value then you won’t find a future. I think Webflow will have to look at this hard because things have changed and they haven’t. Checkout Pinegrow and its integration to GPT3.5/4 in website creation with its AI Assistant for example. Pinegrow AI Assistant | Pinegrow Web Editor

These are just my opinions at the present moment. Yours might be different.