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Is a mega menu in the pipeline?

I realise you are all working hard with your next updates and releases.
I just thought I would add to your list…

Has anyone asked for, or are you considering integrating a ‘mega menu’ system - that would be simply awesome…


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Hey Tony, can you clarify what you mean by that? Do you mean the ability to have nested levels in something like the navbar component?

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That’s exactly that.

Yes but it can be taken a lot further than just nested levels, these are two great examples:

Just a full width menu would be enough and menu items display in adjustable no. of columns. Most of my clients require this, such menus are very popular in fancy architectural websites.


would love to use these in webflow.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you be able to create a Mega Menu with interactions? Know what…you got me curios and I’m going to create one like this.

Interactions came after my origin posting - and yes I’m sure you could, but that is a lot of work, which in itself I’m fine with - BUT until you can copy assets across projects that’s an awful lot of work very time you start a new site !

Maybe I’ll create a site that contains every little nugget, widget, interaction, hover effect, animation, colour change, etc etc etc that I can think of, and start every new site by duplicating the ‘widget master’ and deleting what i don’t need.

I see. Speaking of which, Amazon is using Mega_Menus on their site. Interesting to see the shift from minimalist to this approach on an eCommerce!