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Iphone 11 landscape using Tablet breakpoint - Responsive Text effects

Hi Guys,

I was going great with my new website, until I got a new Iphone 11 and realized that it uses the Tablet breakpoint instead of mobile landscape. I can modify images and headlines, but finding a suitable text size to accommodate both the Tablet and Mobile landscape is nearly impossible. Its too small on Ipad and too squashed on iphone 11 landscape.
What have you guys tried to fix this?
Is there some way to alter the Iphone 11 breakpoints?

Thanks, I’ve spent a lot of work and this change has severely knocked me back…

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Consider using viewport units for font sizes, then you can responsive sizes on fonts.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks, Yep that looks like its the best way to go. Is there a way you can limit the upper size of a font, so it scales up but only to a certain point?

That would solve all my problems :slight_smile: