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Terrible breaking points and mobile aspect ratio

Does anyone know about the best way to fix the breaking point issue and also if there is a plan for having height also adjustable in the landscape mobile and portrait?

The first problem with the break is that now that most new phones have tall screens having a tablet view be between 767-991 is just not correct. for example, both Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X which are from over two years ago have screens taller than 767px. this means when in the landscape all CSS properties for the tablet will be applied, this usually breaks the website.

the second problem is that when In the designer, the viewport is much bigger than what a mobile would be, and the aspect ratios are messed up. therefore anytime using “vh” it never looks like what you would see on the phone. up to know I would have to either use the developer tool to see the live website and make sure it works, have a phone by me to check, or make the window smaller to see a good representation and fix the issue, which all of those solutions seems stupid.

I absolutely love working with Webflow but there are tools out there that have much better prototyping capabilities. I hope that Webflow is working on a proper solution for this

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