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IPad Pro 9.7 in landscape view not displaying correctly


I’ve created my first one page site in Webflow and have a question about how to set up the iPad pro landscape view. I see that it doesn’t automatically fill the screen properly but rather goes to the desktop layout. In portrait view it works fine. Am I forgetting to do something?

Also, any input on the structure of the file? Anything that I should change/modify for better file structure and rendering?

Thank you. Any input/review/suggestions is much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi there. I think you should break that layout up using flex or grid. You have an 85vh left margin on the text elements. If you break your layout up into columns you will be able to create you overlaps and also gain the the responsive powers of those display types on smaller devices. Have a read up on flex and grid.

Thank you. I totally revised it. Thanks.

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