Ipad doesnt seem to like our website :-(

Hi All,

Just testing our first Webflow site and have a few q’s if anyone has a minute?

Things are working great on pretty much everything bar ipad safari which seems to have a personal vendetta!

-sporadic vanishing banner text on a few pages (even though they’re all the same class on each page)
-uncentered divs
-vanishing banner images
-vanishing mobile burger menu on a few pages (this is weird as it is a repeated symbol)

Is this a normal thing?

I can share a link privately but it’s quite a confidential site for a public view, sorry to be lame!

Many thanks :blush:


Hi all, after a good play around It would seem the ipad didn’t like things being - position ‘fixed’ and made all sorts of things vanish, changing things to ‘auto’ seemed to fix most things.

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