Interactive Infographic Project - JOB

Hi guys

Webflow newbie here.

I’ve recently completed my first Webflow site for a tech company. Within the hero section the client requires an interactive infographic to simply describe how their technology works. The infographic design is complete (layered Illustrator) and I’m looking for a Webflow developer / interaction / animation expert to bring it life by adding some subtle animation. BUT, most importantly, it needs to be integrated in to the site and made responsive.

I’m attaching a simple video sample of the infographic. On rollover, each of the buttons on the left activates some sort of mask or a pulse over the relevant area of the infographic. When the button is clicked you are brought to another page on the website.

I’d also like to possibly have the data flow from earth to satellite lighting up on roll-over. I think it will require some After Effects, not sure?

Of course, then main job is to get this to somehow work on mobile screens!

Please reply asap if this something that might interest you.


Hello there, I hope you are doing great!

I’d love to connect about your specific needs.

Kindly reach me at nicole [at] cisinlabs [dot] com

You can also add me over skype live:nicole_15269



Hi Gary,
This is something that is well within my skill set and I would be interested in hearing more on what you are wanting done.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,