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We need commission a top web designer who can embed 3d adobe animation we created

Hi Guys,

I run a CIC - We need a web flow and Adobe After Effects professional to assist with our website development. We want the headphones to spin on the static website page, instead of having the ident play before you enter the website. Our website is in development. Currently, our site is being developed on WordPress.The link to is attached here -

It is imperative that you look at our website before making a tender as we want the headphones to spin when a mouse touches it. We want our website to look more like this -
(This was built on web flow).

This kind of 3D animation can be created through abode after effects and placed on the website using the loop structure. We are aware of the technologies necessary our team can help.

We are developing our website but the designers have limited knowledge of how to implement After Effects and animation like the site above. We already have logos and an ident complete with exr and aep files, but we need an expert to technically direct the team in India as to how we implement the animation into our website and make it interactive.

We know that adobe extensions such as bodywork and Lottie allow you to embed animation into a web building platform like web flow. I should emphasise, we don’t just need the ident image embedded into our website, we want our site redesigned so that it is more responsive and engaging.

The workload will not be on you, mainly technical direction as we have already commissioned website developers. We would also require support with the general design and layout of our website, in particular, the Projects and Workshops section. As I said, we need a technical director, but we have commissioned GreenWeb Media to build the site so the project is not work-intensive.

The ident shouldn’t be hard to embed because all of the design work is done and you have all of the assets including aep and exr files. Our ident is attached as an MP4. Please, have a look at the website and ident and let us know how you feel you could meet our creative objectives.

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I can help with your requirement.

Kindly reach out to me at or skype me at live: luis_18439.

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Hi Justin, I’m not sure what you’re after here.
If you want to do like the Plink site, it’s really easy. The animations are small videos embed in the site using Webflow’s background video element. And @PixelGeek did a tutorial on how to get those starting to play with mouseover, you can check it out here : So that’s the technical solution if you want to do your site in Webflow. If you still need someone to actually do the work, I’m sure you’ll find help here.

But you said your website is being developed in Wordpress, are you planning to change that ?

Finally, if you’re looking for designers to actually do the animation or a new Lottie version of it, I can give you some references as I know some really good 3D/animation artists in London. PM me if that’s the case.

Hey Pasint,

Firstly, thanks for your prompt response. It’s my first time in the forum so I wasn’t sure if I would get a response. You have articulated the situation clearly and as you are probably aware, I have limited knowledge of graphic design. If you could add me on Skype that would be great as I would like to be introduced to the professionals you know.


Incidentally - Our website is being built on Wordpress but we are happy to switch over. Rutger Paulusse provided the animation for ident.

SOUL Media iDent.mp4

Check out this video:

Thanks Luis, We’ll speak on Skype tomorrow.