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Interactions won't load while scrolling on mobile, have to come to a complete stop?

Here is the preview:

On mobile when you scroll down to the bottom section there is a form and a paragraph of text that is a 10% from top scroll interaction to slide in. Works perfectly on a desktop, but when I view it on a mobile device I have to come to a complete stop when scrolling before it will load. It wont load while I am scrolling the page.

Thank you.

Hi Tyler,

Changing the scroll offset of the interaction from 10% to 20% or more should fix it.

Nope, it still does not load while in the process of scrolling.

Hey @tturner422 what device are you having trouble seeing the scroll interaction not happening?

Most touch screen devices only register a scroll change once you’ve lifted your finger up and off the screen while scrolling. I tested this on my iPhone 6 and the scroll interaction worked as expected.

Is this how you see it functioning? This seems like a huge usiblity issue and I cannot say I have experienced it on other websites.

Hey @tturner422 I’ve tested in both Chrome & Safari on an iPhone 6 and it’s working correctly. Are you testing the site in a modulator rather than on an actual device?

No, I am using on my device. Can you clarify what “working correctly” means… and would you be willing to shoot a quick video to show me as I did above?

Hey @tturner422 sure thing! Here’s a recording on my iPhone 6

In Chrome:

In Safari:

Can you please double check that your browsers are up to date?

Sweet. Thank man.
Ill double check my browsers but will considered this resolved regardless. Thanks again for taking the time to shoot/post the videos. Love webflow =)