Scroll Interactions on Mobile

Are scroll interactions on mobile still disabled? I am testing on my iPhone 5 in Chrome and Safari and the interactions seem to work somewhat, but only if you use your finger to stop the screen from scrolling. Then the animation loads.

Thanks for confirming.

No one ever replied to this topic.

Encountering the same issue.

Scroll does not trigger interaction

This works in the Design, on Desktops, Windows tablets, Droid tablets
but not on ipads or iphones.

@Revolution Is this only iPhone 5’s? I’m not having any issues on an iPhone 6 with scroll interactions.



no. It’s every iOS device I’ve tested it on… iPhone 4S, iPhone 6, iPad

Works perfect in Designer, Desktop PC, Win Tablet, Android Tablet.

Only fails on iOS using Safari.

Had to remove the interaction as it affects a product being delivered on Monday.

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