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Interactions with duplicate w-data-id fields

I am using a piece of jQuery code to create tables dynamically based on JSON data (it’s live from another source so I can’t use collections, the code for which is below. (I know it’s still a little rough, please don’t hate on my jQuery, it’s very beta). Anyway, this code relies on duplicating an existing structure that I built in Webflow, which includes some interactions, but when I start duplicating the rows of the table, the interactions all break. Is there any way to fix this?

    $(document).ready(function() {
        response = '{"label":"plates","data":[{"plate":"123ABC","name":"Joe Schmoe","email":"","lots":"Lower Firstie"},{"plate":"456DEF","name":"Jack Smith","email":"","lots":"Upper Firstie"}]}';
        var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(response);
        tables = document.getElementsByClassName(obj.label);
        $.each(tables, function(i, table) {
            templates = table.getElementsByClassName("row");
            $.each(templates, function (j, template) {
                $.each(, function(k, line) {
                    rowText = template.cloneNode(true).outerHTML;
                    $.each(line, function(label, value) {
                        rowText = rowText.replace("{{" + label + "}}", value);
                    if (k === - 1 && k !== 0) {
                        template.innerHTML = rowText;
                    } else {
                        row = document.createElement("div");
                        row.innerHTML = rowText;