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Interactions - Selected Element affects Classes?


I am really struggling with the interactions in my FAQ section of my Home Page (EN) - on the mobile version of my website. I managed to make them work fine on desktop but on the mobile layout the interactions that I set to affect only the ‘Selected Element’ continue to affect other elements with the same class. (For example: I click on the first FAQ question and the answers to both question #1 and question#2 pop up - even though the interaction for question #1 specifies that only the answer #1 should open up! When I click on question #2 only the answer#2 shows up - correctly - but it has the exact same settings as the interaction on question #1…?)

I have noticed changes in the animation when I set it to affect the class - ‘all elements with this class’ or ‘all elements with this class’ - and then set it BACK to ‘selected element’ it still reacts as if I had set it to affect the class - even though I set it back to ‘selected element’! Is this a bug? It’s driving me crazy I literally cannot make this simple show/hide animation work. (showing or hiding the FAQ answer…)

Note: I wish I could set this animation to work on the class but my elements are not parents or children of each other so I’m adding each interaction separately with ‘selected element’ (this works fine on the desktop version).

Any help would be appreciated - I just cannot make these interactions work, I’ve spent far too much time on this already and it keeps reacting in strange ways.

This is all on the Home EN (English Homepage) of the website - NOT the German version (Home DE) - will update that once I make it all work on the English version…

Here is my public share link: