Hide/Show Not working

Hey all,

I’ve done this many times in the past, it’s not a difficult action, but for some bizarre reason on the second click, the div element will NOT hide. So frustrating. Been at it for hours – any ideas?



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Hi @AndyBr00k,
both animations are triggered by clicking on “team-member”,“team-member” will hide after first click and “bio-wrapper” will show up. The second click (“Hide” animation) won’t happen, since it is impossible to click the hidden element again.

You should try changing the animations and make it trigger by clicking the parent div “team-wrapper”, or just change the “Hide” animation to trigger when “bio-wrapper” is clicked.

Thank you very much Cabral. You’ve nailed it. Indeed, that makes perfect sense. You’re very kind – that seems to be working ok now.

May I ask, is there a similar principle with the element trigger mouse hover ? That too is now behaving very unusual