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Interactions IX 2.0 video tutorials - very good / funny / very well done

Just a quick comment on the videos.

Very well done. Quick and to the point, informative but WITH A SENSE OF HUMOUR TOO!


You preview what you´re going to learn, keep going back to which point we are in the tutorial and then re-cap what you have learnt.

Some of the videos are 2.5 min long, whereas another company might have taken 25mins!

Good tutorials are hard to do simply and very well.

You´ve done both.

Thank you.



The voice over guy makes it worth listening from start to end. Other companies ramble on and stutter.


I love their videos although I wish they would 1) go into a bit more detail. For instance, on the parallax video, they don’t explain how all the elements/images that they are applying the effect to are placed/positioned within the section. Secondly, these videos never address the other breakpoints, especially on mobile. A lot of these cool interactions have to change greatly depending on the viewports, so it would be nice to have some guidance on that.

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@TerryHibbert @nwdsha - Totally agree, a breath of fresh air in the tutorial sphere - to the point, engaging and witty too, who is this voice over guy?

@kbowman - I guess more depth may come over time, although I can imagine @PixelGeek may do a workshop on IX2 at different breakpoints at some point soon? …

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I’ll give you a hint as to who the voiceover guy is


Ha! Congrats on the great voice @McGuire !

Voice over king :trophy:

…I’m now reading your forum posts in your actual voice :grin:


As always, very nicely done :slight_smile:

@StuM- The workshops are great, but often they can also gloss over a topic, or lose focus and the viewers are sometimes left still trying to figure out how to implement a solution in a real-world situation. The Webflow forum has been extremely helpful, but sometimes a post question can take weeks to get answered, sometimes it can get ignored altogether.

Webflow hangs its hat on the fact that it should be easy for people who don’t know how to code and it saves tons of time in creating a website. But if they create all of these tools and only give the basic instructions on how to use them, inherently a person will have to spend lots of time experimenting on how to use the tools correctly, which kind of goes against the actual mission statement of saving time.

I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, because out of all the other solutions available, Webflow has delivered a top-notch product and has offered above-average support for it. I just feel that there could be little tweaks to the process that would ensure better adaption and use of their product. The main quick change to the process: show how things work on the different breakpoints! :slight_smile:

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I agree these tutorials are too basic. We need advanced ones to show how to position the parallax elements from scratch, and then how to handle mobile / breakpoints.

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