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Interactions Help

I wanted to make a fixed object box that travels down the page with the user and remains hidden while scrolling and only comes back into view when the user has stopped on the page. I looked at show/hide on scroll interaction and played around with the offset and still cant figure out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance=)

I doubt it’s possible strictly in Webflow for now (can be wrong but I don’t think so). Scrolling event in Webflow is at the moment only “comes into view” “goes out of view”. The topic of having a full scroll control has been discussed and it’s a kind of an evidence this trigger will come, as well as other triggers useful to achieve all the various parallax effects that are so trendy. My advice is stop your efforts trying to make it work in webflow and look for a Javascript script that’ll do it out of the box. Google it, there are some interesting results.

I agree. Also, this might help you too:

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Thanks for the Replies I wouldnt feel confident copy and pasting code for jquery not knowing enough to change it to suit. Thank you, I will wait for changes to Webflow.=)