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Interactions After Publish

Having trouble with some of my interactions after publishing. The nav bar interactions (logo and nav links) are not consistently working after publishing. They work about every other time.

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Hey Jordan
When 2 interactions on the same element gets triggered at the same time, they can’t choose and simple stop. The same happens if you start a new one, before the first one was done triggering. On your site, the load interaction takes a long time, and if you scroll down before it is finished. Your nav bar shrink interaction gets triggered, which will stop the first load interaction, and effectivly make the navbar look dumb :smiley:

So you have 2 options.

1. Make the load interaction faster.
2. Give all your other sections a interaction with the initial apperance to Display none and then a load trigger with the following step: Wait x amount of time ( x= how long its takes for the load animation to finish) and Display block. Now they can’t scroll and if they can’t scroll, the load interaction will never stop working :open_mouth:

Also were is your interaction called Nav bar shrink nested?

@Davidlin_ch12 the “Nav bar shrink” interaction is applied to the div block “Pagetop” which is a div with height of 0px at the top of the page, used to automatically resize the Nav Bar after it scrolls out of view.

I don’t really want to quicken the interactions, so I tried the second approach you suggested, and set all the other sections to Display:None and then Display:Block after waiting 3600ms. However, the effect that I get now is that when those sections Display:Block, they trigger the scroll bar to appear which shifts the content of the page several pixels. I’ve attached a screencast of this in action. Can anyone think of any workarounds to prevent this? @PixelGeek @cyberdave @vincent @brryant

Video Screencast

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