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Interaction working only in main tab

Hello! If someone can help me, here is the issue:

I am using 1 collection in my project, and I am filtering it through different tabs.
Every collection item has an interaction to expand and show additional content.
The interaction works fine in the “ALL” tab (the initial tab), but not in the other tabs.

I kept the same class name for all collections and their items, so I thought it would work. I don’t know what is wrong.

Here is my public share link:

Thanks for the help!

Hey Thais,

Id suggest maybe to use a dropdown element, instead of the interactions. It will make your life much simpler.
If you must use interactions, then you need to change the “open book” & “close book / this” interactions to class interactions as well. Notice that some of them should apply only to children, and some only to siblings.

Thank you, @avivtech, I will try that. :smiley:

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