Show/Hide interaction is not working as intended

I am moving a site from my company from Divi to webflow right now.
In this site, Homepage>Services Section I added a Tabs menu, and inside the first tab, I had to add a new tab element, but wasn’t able to do so, because the tabs need to be separated from the rest of the content (in another column), so what i did was add a grid with all the options and “tabs” intended, and then add the content on the second column.

For it to work I thought adding an interaction for show/hide might do the trick for the content, where whenever clicking on any of these it would only show THE ONE selected, but it’s not happening that way, they’re staying open whenever I click on another of the five options inside. Right now, only high availability and scalability work, but not properly, as mentioned before.

For illustrative purposes, it should look like this:

Any help with this will be appreciated! I’ve been stuck with this for a few days now.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Xemble Technologies Website