Interaction with Single Item in Collection List

I’m trying to make the sermon titles show/hide the individual sermon descriptions, but because it’s in a collection list, it is currently affecting all descriptions (see screenshots). Is it possible for it to just affect the current one being clicked? I’ve looked at a lot of other topics, but while others have had similar issues, I’ve been unable to find a workable solution.

Here is my public share link: LINK (Working on the “Grow” page.)

Hi there @bjbuchanan, and welcome back to the Webflow Forum!

If you set the interaction to only affect the selected element, it should get your sermon section to where you need. Check out this screenshare:

You’ll also need to apply the 2nd click hide interaction to the selected element instead of the class, too.

Let me know if you need any more help or questions, thanks!

PS - seeing as this is a church website, here’s a shameless plug to my church-focused startup :slight_smile:

EDIT: @bjbuchanan If my answer provided the answer for you, please mark this post as the the solution, thanks!


Thank you for your detailed reply. I can’t believe I missed that tick.

As for your startup, it’s not quite the right solution for this church, but it looks pretty cool! :slight_smile:

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Hey @myonke
I have the exact issue as this, but your video seems to be deleted now. I have selected the apply to “Element” option and not “Class” also.

I’ve described my issue in detail here [link]
Could you please help me out?