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Interaction to Close Modal Not Working on Mobile

Primary Issue
The interaction to close my modal on mobile is not responding.

I have created a separate modal that is only viewable on mobile. This was working until today. The issue is that the interaction to close the modal is not closing the modal. I have checked the tutorial on setting up modals to make sure everything was still in line and it is from what I gather. The modal on desktop closes fine. The z-index is 9999 on both pop-up modals.

Secondary Issue:
I also have secondary issue as well regarding two modals on mobile where one does not work properly. I have a hamburger menu for mobile (that is currently disabled because of this issue) and the email subscription modal, as mentioned above. When I have just the hamburger menu modal on mobile/tablet activated, it functions fine BUT when the email subscription pop-up modal live as well, the hamburger menu modal will not open. It appears that they are conflicting with each other. But currently, I can’t even get the email subscription modal to close regardless of whether the hamburger menu is open or not.

Thanks in advance!

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