Interaction problem on radio fields

I have some radio fields that need to change colour when selected. I have an interaction setup that on tap the button should turn green to display to the user the field is selected. For some reason the interaction displays fine in the designer but not on the published site. Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
Here is my public web flow link: LINK

I’ve looked through each page of your site and cannot find these elements.

Thanks for the reply. I renamed the page to “this page has the problem”. It is also a slider form so you have to go to slide two to see those elements.

They are labeled “checkbox field” inside of “form item wrapper”

Ah, got it.
I believe the “checked” state on the field is possibly overriding or conflicting with your interaction state. Browsers have their own default. You can maybe try removing the interaction, and instead select the element, go to the states input and assign your color change there. What’s strange is when I review the Webflow documentation for radio buttons, it shows a “checked” state in the demo but the current Webflow interface doesn’t have this so not sure how to control it.

It’s also very difficult to test the change with this slider form. I’m unable to see the form when I switch from design to preview.