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Interaction positioning issue in Firefox

Hi folks! (@PixelGeek @vincent @nwdsha @Waldo) Does anyone know why this interaction positioning is behaving like this in Firefox when I first load the site?

It should look like this, as it does in Chrome:

When I re-size the window in Firefox, the positioning fixes itself… It’s only when first loading the site in Firefox…

I’m thinking it may be flex box issues?

Thanks! Kai

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Super cool build here @Keejo :clap:

Whenever I set up rotation interactions I set it to 0 degrees with 0ms as the first interaction and that usually prevents any odd behavior from occurring:

It may also be that your divwrapper1 class isn’t set to Relative position but I’m not entirely sure what is causing the break, I will need to look further into it this evening.

Thanks @Waldo ! Sorry about my random class names… not tidied them up yet… Its amazing that you can sift through random class names and find stuff so quickly! I will implement immediately! :fist: Thanks for your help. Regards Kai

@Waldo - just out of curiosity, did you get the same issue in Firefox? Thanks!

Hi @Keejo yep I was able to reproduce the behavior in Firefox. Did the above fixes help resolve the issues by chance (I’m not seeing them live yet), it’s possible that it’s a flexbox style issue in Firefox but I’m not aware of any Firefox flexbox bugs like that.

Hi @Waldo - Ah, good to know its not just me then! Thanks - I’ve made the fixes (which were good to do anyway!) but no joy… I think it’s flex box too… not a bug but maybe a mistake I’ve made…

Hi @Waldo - If I turn off flex box on divWrapper4 I seem to get similar looking behavior… :thinking:

@Keejo once again very cool 3D design!

@vincent - Thanks pal! :smile:

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