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Flip Cards not showing whats on the back

@cyberdave @Waldo @nwdsha - Hi all, when I created this site a few months ago, everything was working fine - Now, for some strange reason (I’ve not touched anything!) the backs of the flip cards are not showing. I have looked at everything over and over and think I have snow blindness! Can anyone have a look and see what might be wrong?


Also, (sorry!) the tabs on the ‘Plato’ section flicker when opening. What might be causing this? Please see the live site and click the ‘Plato’ button at the top to see what I mean -

Regards Kai


(craziest and most good looking 3D webflow sites I’ve seen) Thumbs up with sparkles!


Same here, also looked at your portfolio, wow wow wow

I gotta agree. That is quite impressive.

I noticed that flash also - right when the site starts.

I thought I saw it under the earth element…
but I couldn’t get it to repeat.

It really looks like a strange bug btw.
The back of firecardFront is showing while you set backface to hidden

@keejo Your scaling is not set correctly on the paragraphs

Something is scaling each “Card Paragraph” on INIT.


DIV ethercard has an interaction Hover Op 5.
which in turn has a Click event.

First click Rotates the card Y180@ 500ms Ease
Second Click Rotates to Origin @500ms Ease.

Add a new Click event and target Paragraph 5…
First Click - Scale to Origin… you will see Paragraph 5 displayed.

@zbrah - I have noticed that as well

  -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
  backface-visibility: hidden;

I think Webflow may have changed something with the way Interactions work…
and it broke your site.

Thanks - Merci @vincent @zbrah @Revolution ! That’s very kind of you! I think its a bug too as it was all working fine a few months ago… Maybe I should try re-building? Thanks again! Best regards Kai

Thanks for looking @Revolution! Appreciate it. I will have a look…

@Keejo Yes maybe rebuild and see if it breaks again and where.
I already tried some stuff on your site but can’t make it work.
I also noticed some strange issues on 3d card on 2 website i’ve done.
Background color was suddenly diffrent instead of the color i put like 2 month ago and couldn’t change it…? :confused:
Same as you, haven’t touch anything. Same kind of structure as yours also

Same issue for the font color of the backface.
Look here, i’ve changed the font color on both parent and children to red.
But it stay white :smiley:

Thanks @zbrah - I’ve been trying too and nothing doing - I think it’s this bug:

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@Waldo @bart

Hello guys, do you have any idea what is happening here ? :confused:
Do you want us to create a new post in bug and add detail ?

Thanks @zbrah - thats very helpful of you! :slight_smile:

Hey @Keejo,

I am unsure as to why the interaction broke in the first place, but I found a workaround for you.

Instead of one click interaction on the parent fireCard you can set two click interactions. One for the firecardBack and one for firecardFront

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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YES! Excellent! Thanks @Brando !! That works… thank you, thank you! :slight_smile:



Just speechless…!! :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:

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