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Interaction overriding Hover state

Hello Community,

So i have a simple problem here and cant figure out what is wrong.

I have two text elements, element A and element B. I set a hover state to change color when the mouse points on one of these elements. so far so good.

Now i also set an interaction on these elements. The interaction allows to select an element say element A, which will show or hide additional menu, that element then will keep its new colour after the interaction has finished.

When element B is pressed that element will take on the colour of element A, while element A will go back to same colour it was originally before interacting.

Now the problem: It seems that the interaction cancels the hover state and when i now hover over element A assuming B is selected, the hover state does not apply anymore… how can i fix it?

thank you in advance!


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Mikhail_Roshal - can you share your read-only link so the forum can help you out better? Thanks!