Interaction is causing my site to be wider than my screen's width

Hello everyone,

I think i encountered a bug where if i open my site on my phone at first the navbar is wider than the whole page itself, then once you scroll to the very bottom it corrects itself and jumps back to the normal

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Edit: I have now found out that once you scroll to the refrences section (Referenties) the navbar apears as suposed to.

Hi @DharmaNode, this is a common error that creeps up from time to time.

I just removed all your Interactions and the behavior appeared to go away - likely the issue has to do with your IX’s.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction - please don’t hesitate to update this thread if you’re still unable to find the offending IX. :smile:

Thanks! Will certainly try that, with IX you mean interactions right?

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