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Interaction doesn't work on CMS Item

Hi everyone!

I’m building a website and I have a strange issue - all the interactions and animations on the website works , but when I try to create a new interaction on a CMS collection Item , it didn’t work !
I mean , I created the interaction, and it worked in the preview interaction panel , but when I came back to the designer and tried to preview my website with the interaction - it just didn’t work.
I will very appreciate some help here (:slight_smile:

Hey @MagicMode

Did you try to publish the site? Interactions inside a CMS collection list often do not show up in preview mode.

You are right @Schuschi_Eyes !
It’s very weird, is there any way to enable it also in preview mode?

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Glad I could help :wink:
I don’t think so… There are a few things that do not show up in preview mode (for example custom code elements), so it is always the safe way to publish the site.
I hope that the preview mode will be able to show everything correctly at some time…