Animation can play on the preview mode but published site

Hi everyone

I just create this website, I wanna trigger an animation when mouse hover on my Portfolio grid, However, It animate perfectly on preview mode, but once I published and browsing on the site, the animation can’t functionally play when my mouse HOVER, can anyone help?

watch the video (problem on page) :

animation setting video:


Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Hey Robby,

I’m having trouble with interactions not working as well. I can’t even get a link block to trigger a text colour change or anything basic. I recommend trying even a simple interaction and you may find it’s not working.

I’m going to open a support ticket as I’m losing my mind trying to get this to work.

To add to this issue, interactions DON’T work inside of CMS collections. Robby is your interaction inside of a collection? I created a blank page, and interactions work. If I move my interaction trigger INSIDE of a CMS collection, the interaction no longer works.

I’m going to open a support ticket…

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Hey @ozone31912 @robby1

I had to disable ALL of my extensions, and turn off the real time scanning on my mcafee internet security suite. It made a difference over time. Also, after about an hour of working in the Designer, you should save, then hard refresh the browser. Or even logout, then back in. My system was acting strange for a while too. This helped a lot. Hope it works for ya :slight_smile:


Thanks your info, I gonna try that, because I bought this template, I didn’t do this website myself completely

Now is work again~! So weird, I don’t know the reason, maybe because I restart my pc and logging again? I hope it won’t happed again… let’s see