Interaction bug on first click

Hi everyone

I have seen in the forum there are multiple ppl having this issue but could not find a general solution.
Is it a bug of Webflow that an interaction does not show properly on the first click but after it it does?

Here my read only link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It works on my end. Did you find the solution?

It works, but the first time you click it does not work properly…
From the 2nd time it does…

They work on first click for me. Is this maybe on the published site? I’m only using the preview mode. And/or possible I’m not testing the interaction you’re having an issue with.

I am having the same issue on the intern link and on the published site (Verhaltenstipps) on the first click the entire content appears and the heading comes in later.
It should all scroll up and change opacity one after another, like it does on 2nd click…