Integration and Data Management for a Dynamic Booking Website

We are in the process of developing a dynamic booking site using Webflow and have several requirements that involve user interaction and data management across multiple pages. The workflow is as follows:

  1. Users can book a test on the website.
  2. Users can select a clinic location from a list.
  3. Users can find and select an available booking slot (date & time).
  4. Users can fill out a checkout form with personal details.
  5. Users can confirm their appointment and details before finalizing.
  6. Users can check out and pay using Stripe’s payment integration.

We are leveraging an external API hosted on an external server to manage these interactions.

Our development challenges are as follows:

  • Data Persistence Across Pages: We need a method to pass data from one page to another, ideally through a centralized data management system. Does Webflow provide a built-in solution for this, or could you suggest best practices for data handling in multi-step processes on Webflow sites?
  • Dynamic Data in Custom Components: We have custom components that require dynamic data population. What is the recommended approach in Webflow for updating these components with data from our external API?
  • Cross-page Custom Code Functions: Is there a way to create function calls within the custom code of one page that can be triggered or accessed by another page?
  • Inter-component Communication: How can we enable communication between various components on the Webflow site, such as sharing state or data?
  • Navigation and Routing Between Components: What is the best practice for navigating or routing between components that represent different steps in our booking process?

Anyone provide a approch how can we move forward. Any articles or video reference will be helpful