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Adobe animate integration - best practice


Need to integrate an animation made with adobe animate in a webflow site.

I saw some forum questions/answers about this but it seems that they aren’t up to date.

How can I do this? Is there a recent or updated tutorial on this?


Hey @Mauricio_C_G_Pereira,

In my understanding you ll need to host your folder on an external server with ftp access since there is no ftp access on webflow.

You could have export as css sprite sheet, put the js in the html file, host the png on webflow and change the src but there is a cap of 10000 caracters that you should break with this option.

Sorry not a very helpful comment but that’s all i know.

Yo @vincent do you host your tumult hype animation on an external server ?


I do. I’m using my own private server, and also Amazon S3. I tend to move everything to S3 now. The price is predictable and there’s zero maintenance. Also so far no issue with SSL.