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Dear coders!
As no-coder i have question.

i got a Zapier account that send a new instagram message with a specific #hashtag url’s, names en links with my Webflow CMS.

And now i need custom code help!
I have an dynamic list with:

  • Photo-url
  • Link
  • Tittle (don’t need it jet)
  • Text (info) (don’t need it jet)
  • Hashtags (don’t need it jet)

The output is:
The two images are imported url’s.

I want 3 or 4 photo’s of 25% or 33.33% in the Dynamic list wrapper

I got only this, but he… it works!!: :slight_smile:
img class=“Instagram-Photo” src="{http://www.Photo-url}"


Hi, @Koen!

As I can see, your problem is not solved yet.
I’ve never used Zapier and can’t help with the process of working with it. But want to recommend one thing. If you want to show posts or photos from your Instagram, try out using widgets. I use this one and very happy with it:

P.S. this guys have many widgets for websites, look through the list, may be you’ll find something interesting. For you as “no-coder” it might be especially useful.

If you want to discuss it, i’m always in-touch :slight_smile: