Inner Text Settings "No fields to connect to"

Hello! I’m pretty new to Webflow and having the following issue:

I have created a rich text box within a template page. I already have 4 templates created within the CMS. Each Item within the CMS already has fields defined successfully and used elsewhere on the page.

The following image shows one of my CMS items and their fields. The field in question is highlighted in green “Project Details” which is defined and has some content in it:

However, when I select the content within the Rich Text Box, and select “Get text from Projects”, there is no way to connect the content to the previously defined “Project Details” field as you can see in the following image:


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Hi @Collin_Hadley ,
In order to connect your CMS to a Rich Text you must use a rich text custom field in your CMS.

I see you now using a Plain Text custom field and this works only with a Paragraph or Text element.