Infinite tap/click

Hey guys!

I have been amazed by Wolverss Tech project: 3d carousel and I have cloned it, but I can only make work for 2 clicks (I thought it was a limitation from Webflow).

Do you guys know how to communicate with developers on Webflow? Or do you understand how I can make an click action/animation repeated infinitely?

Hi @Marteung,

how do you get to your conclusion that Webflow would only allow two clicks?

I cloned the project to test and it works absolutely fine with as many clicks as one could want.
Did you apply any changes to the project or did you change the code in the page settings?

I don’t think it’s necessary to talk with a developer, since infinite animations are very well possible in Webflow.


Hi @LeWolf,

When I clone the project, it doesn’t come with the animation. So I did it manually and here’s the panel I see:

That’s why I thought Weblow has this limitation. I’m sure it’s possible but I don’t know how - that’s why I came here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Marteung,

the cloning indeed comes with the animation, but it’s a coded animation, set in the page settings.
Custom code won’t work until a site is published, so you can test this only by publishing the site to a staging domain for example, and visiting its URL.

I see how you came to this conclusion, to manually achieve this effect you’d need to use some tricks, like having multiple buttons or using a modified lightbox element – though the provided solution in the preset is way easier.


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Thanks for you answer! Also, I understood that I need a CMS workspace plan in order to work with custom code - which is why it’s all disabled when I first cloned the project.

You’re very welcome!

I can’t find the info, but as far as I know, a basic plan should be enough to use custom code if you don’t need a CMS system. Can’t find the exact page for this currently, so don’t rely on this solely :smiley: