Infinite Loop Animation (Rotation)

Hey guys,

I need a little help. Im trying to create an animation that keeps rotating using the loop function.
I got it to rotate 360 degrees, but how do I make it keep looping?

Here is my public share link:

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I found a way to bypass the problem. hope it helps :slight_smile:

To create a correct loop you’ll need 3 stages in that rotating transition.

  1. Zero duration and zero DEG
  2. 12 sec duration and -360 DEG
  3. Zeo duration and zero DEG
    With the Loop selected it should work perfect.

That’s Work Perfect!

Yeah, works perfectly! Thank you :slight_smile:

I followed these steps and made it work on one of my websites. I am now trying to make it work in another website but for some reason I just can’t :frowning: this is my read-only link and I am trying to make the button rotate →

Could you help me out please? :slight_smile:

I solved it!! I applied the rotation to a div containing the button and it started working. For some reason it wasn’t working when it was applied to the button itself :slight_smile: