Increased custom code character limit

Now add up to 50,000 characters of custom code across Site settings, Page settings, Code Embed elements and CMS Rich text fields.

Custom code unlocks advanced use cases that native Webflow capabilities may not always support. For our site builders who rely on custom code for custom site integrations, third-party libraries, or more fine-grained control of your site’s styles and behaviors, we are excited to offer you an increased character limit of 50,000. This increased limit is intended to enable cleaner code at scale while optimizing for security and performance.

The new custom code limit is now available on all paid sites and workspaces. To learn more about adding custom code to your site, check out our Webflow University articles on adding code to your head and body tags, using custom code embed elements, and using custom code in the CMS.


@Little_Genius_toys please create a post for this and let people know exactly which element is not working, you can add screenshots of it. This post is dedicated to someone/something else. :yellow_heart:

Looks like you set some sizing either on the images, on something wrapping the images, or maybe on the grid blocks themselves. I’d be happy to help but don’t have the time to work for free. It’s probably just an hour or two of tinkering at first glance.