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Incorporating 3rd party e-commerce service into a webflow site

Hello, everyone. I’m designing a site for a friend that has a jewelry store. He wants e-com capability, which is something I’m excited to do but I am in serious need of guidance.

I can create a pretty decent site by now and know how to incorporate the cms well enough, but I do not know what to do on the back end of an e-com store. Do I find a 3rd party jewelry e-com platform (a Shopify app or something similar) and somehow embed custom code to sync with my site?

Basically, I’m asking what I should be doing after the e-com page of my site is built - what am I attaching it to (widget, app, etc.). My friend does not want to do any upkeep, so the simpler the better.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you so much, everyone!


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Hey @Cdlarsen73 , I am not sure if you are aware but Webflow does have an E-commerce platform, managed similarly with their CMS. You do not need to add any widgets unless you are looking to do something specific.

Hey, imtiazraqib. Thanks for responding. Yeah, I’m aware and have even built a mock site using it. What I’m ignorant about is what to do after the page is built and functional. What kind of inventory management services are out there (if that’s what I should be looking for)?

Are there generic, 3rd party inventory platforms that one can subscribe and sync to (for example, are there marketplaces out there that all I have to do is pay to sync with and then gain access to their inventory)?

Or do I (the client) have to create and manage the inventory personally?

I like the Webflow e-com platform you mentioned, but it’s how and what I connect it to that I am currently trying to figure out. These might sound like stupid questions, but I’m in the dark. Thank you for your help.