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Inconsistent animation behavior on iPad/mobile

It appears that the animation code generated by Webflow does not behave correctly when loaded on an iPad (5th & 6th gen models, tested on Safari/Chrome/Firefox in privacy mode, no extensions).

When the page is loaded, some of the animated text simply never appears. What’s especially confusing is that the two blocks of header text with identical class and animation settings (class ‘main-h2’) behave differently – one loads correctly, and one never shows up. Additionally, the class ‘main-h1’ never appears. This behavior seems to be limited to mobile browsers, and appears fine on desktop. The attached screenshot below shows the empty space on the left, which should have text.

I’ve viewed this in Webflow Designer on both desktop and tablet preview modes, on the full range of page widths, and cannot replicate what’s happening on the published page. Thanks for any feedback!

The page in question is titled ‘The Goods’:

Here is my site Read-Only:

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