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Inactive websites after trial

Hey guys,

I’ve using Webflow for the past 2 weeks and I think it’s an amazing tool. Now I’ve ended my trial and I’m (maybe I was) ready to upgrade, when I realized there’s a couple of things I’m not confortable with:

First is how you rendered the websites I’ve built so far as inactive without giving me the option to choose which one I wanted as “active” in my free account. Is there any way to change this? If not, this is ridiculous. Then, I realized I can’t even preview my inactive websites - Sure, I get that I can’t access the build, but I can’t see the design? Why? What’s the logic behind this?

What happens if I start a paid plan, publish websites to paid domains and for any reason, miss a payment? (I will not subscribe a yearly plan in the first few months for sure) Will my websites be rendered as inactive and be unpublished? Will I lose all access in the same way I lost now? Will I eventually lose my data? If the answer is yes that actually means that I am being deprived from my copyrights.

Don’t get me wrong - I understand this completely from a business point of view - I understand that users that do not pay shouldn’t have access to the tool, to publish new websites, to export code, etc… But webflow does have competitors, and although I like your tool better, depending on your answers I won’t think twice before switching to another tool.

You pretty much just answered your own questions in the last paragraph. If you really wanted to use a competitor’s product you would be.

You are on a trial, which is free so you really don’t get to dictate how it is setup and nothing is ridiculous when you aren’t paying for it. It is meant to test out the product, not use it to build your content expecting anything. They kindly allow that. If they want to delete your content you made for free down the road they have every right.

You have been using it for two weeks on a free trial, don’t assume things until you actually use the service.

Hi @joaofdecarvalho, first, let me say, we are sorry if there was some confusion on the free plan, we take the first site in your dashboard we encounter and keep that as the site you can edit in the Free plan, and we unpublish the other sites, but we do not delete those, they are still in your dashboard. I can understand your frustration on that, and it is certainly not mean’t to punish you in anyway, and we hope you enjoy using Webflow, and that you continue a paid plan with us.

If you start a paid plan, and you miss a payment, we will send you a reminder notice once per week for three weeks, and if still no payment is made, after the third reminder notice is sent, we will unpublish (but not remove) your site in your dashboard. Once you make payment, the sites can be republished.

If you are on our Personal plan or higher, you can also export your site, so that you do not lose any access to your content, and if there is a special case or issue, then you can send us an email at, so that we may directly help you in your particular matter. We are always here to help, and we do understand your situation. We try to balance what is fair with things we need to do to stay in business :slight_smile: But we will always help you… just send us a support request in case of issue.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Cheers, Dave

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Hi @cyberdave. Thank you. There was no confusion about your free plan - I understood that after my trial I was going to be downgraded to a free plan until I upgraded to a paid plan, and I do think the free plan is generous! I just don’t see the point in not being able to choose the site I wanted as active (just once) and not being able to preview the inactive websites. That makes no sense, and I don’t think it hurts your business. If you don’t allow users to preview what they built during their free trial that might actually hurt your business, in my view.

About the reminders and payments, your model seems more than fair, seems great. And I obviously understand that you are a business first and foremost! I’m just doing the exact same thing I’d like my future clients to do if it it was my business - Instead of just going somewhere else or just paying for some months, I’m telling you what In my opinion could be improved. I’m looking for a long-term commitment with Webflow, not just a date or two… :smiley:

Thank you,


@Darian, you didn’t get the core of my post. This is not a rant about the free plan. Read closely. It’s about the inability to choose what site becomes the active one - and the fact that you can’t even preview what you created. Preview! Copyright law is complex, full of clauses that are open to one’s interpretation, but in my opinion - I’ve studied copyright law to an extent that some would call “extensively” - the fact that you can’t preview something you created violates copyright law.

Here are some analogies:

If I lend you my music studio so that you can test the equipment out and you record a song using it, do I have the right to bar you from access to that song? No. It’s your song - even if you created it with my equipment.

If I have a free day at my atelier and you produce a painting with my brushes and canvas, can I hold that painting? Can I forbid you from seeing it? No.

I don’t know if someone has ever raised this question before, but I would avoid some legal disputes and send the code of the sites created during the trial period automatically via download link in an email or something like that. That’s just me.