In Page Linking scrolls "too far"

Hello, I am wondering how to prevent the in page linking from scrolling down just a little bit to much each time so that you cannot read the title anymore. Any ideas?
(press on staff and then of any of the in page links like opportunities etc.)

Hi, it’s normal that it doesn’t work. Your structure is a bit too complicated :slight_smile: You have two navbars and then there’s one another that’s placed way down the hierarchy.

Links to sections will make the section stops under the navbar is the structure is clean and the navbar element declared as Nav in the html tag (settings tab). (or if the navbar is a webflow navbar element)

See it in action here (you can clone the site) navbar with anchors

So you need a clean header declared as Nav, and two navbars elements in it. You should start redoing your whole header from scratch, it shouldn’t take long but it’s really the best solution to end up with something clean.

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